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Ciccarelli Group - Spin Physics and Devices


We live in an increasingly digital society, which constantly relies on data generation and exchange to function. In the past 10 years the amount of data produced has increased by 2500%  and this trend is not destined to saturate due to the development of more data-intensive technologies such as artificial intelligence. Storing and processing this amount of data requires a lot of energy and Information Technologies (IT) have been pointed at as an increasingly heavy load on the World energy consumption and a potential threat to a greener economy. Spintronics is striving to realise localised, energy-efficient and fast magnetic memories that would match and exceed the standards of CMOS technology. In our group we search for new quantum-mechanical effects with the potential to transform non-volatile memory designs and make them better performing and greener.

Cambridge Science Festival - Sustainable memory devices 


Theo Murphy International Scientific Meeting


Challenges for Memory Materials


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